European Bunkerday Denmark

June 6, 2019

The program of European Bunkerday Denmark has been announced, which will take place on the evening of June 5th and during 75 year D-Day on June 6th:

Wednesday, June 5

Bunker tour: Bunkers and gauges in the Skibsbylejren

A few days after the occupation of Denmark on April 9, 1940, the German navy began to set up listening and pointing devices at the Ship Town. It was the beginning of Marine Peil Hauptstelle, Hjörring - the only main mirror station in Denmark. Gradually, an extensive development and experimental activity was also acquired in Skibsby. The camp was protected by an armored pit, minefields, barbed wire, anti-aircraft guns, guns and machine guns. On the trip we hear about the mirrors and the piles. The trip is 3 km.

Time:  19.00 - 22.00 

Meeting point: The parking lot opposite the policedog clubhouse at Ulvkjærvej 113, 9800 Hjørring

Price: 50 DKK Registration required at:

Organizer: Jens Gerstrøm, Bunkergruppen at Vendsyssel Historical Museum

Thursday June 6th

Bunker tour: The invasion that never came - bunker tour in Hirtshals

On June 6, 1944, Allied troops landed in Normandy. The invasion of Europe was underway. Successfully, the Allies had broken the impenetrable chain of bunkers from North Cape to the Spanish border - the Atlantic Ocean. The invasion could also have taken place in Denmark - for example in Hirtshals, where the bunkers were similar to those that the Allies defeated in France. The tour focuses on the invasion that never came and everyday life for the 10th battery soldiers who were waiting for a possible attack through the occupation years.

Time: 16.00 - approx. 17:30

Location: Bunkermuseet Hirtshals, Fyret 2, 9850 Hirtshals

Price: 50 kr. person, children under 18 free

Organizer: Curator Jens-Christian Hansen, Vendsyssel Historical Museum

Bunker tour: Marine support point Tversted

The bunker group Hirtshals is setting up an exciting extraordinary bunker trip in Tversted, which stands out from the normal guided bunker trips during the summer season. We will visit an exciting part of the large fortress area with over 60 bunkers and come to see both cannon positions and ammunition bunkers, as well as a few exciting bunkers that are usually not available to the public. The tour also visits the large infantry area, where the German army soldiers held on and there will be the opportunity to see another normal locked Infantry bunker.

Time: 19.00 - approx. 21:00

Location: The meeting point is the Polarkiosken at Tannishus

Price: 50 kr. person, children under 18 free

Organizer: Bunkergruppen Hirtshals

Kystmuseet Bangsbo Fort

A guided tour of the bunker at Bangsbo Fort
Time: kl. 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Bangsbo Fort, Understedvej 21, 9900 Frederikshavn.
Price: Free
Organizer: Curator Kenneth Kristensen, Kystmuseet.