About AWE

Atlantikwall Europe is a partnership of cultural heritage organisations in the seven Atlantic Wall countries Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the Channel Islands. The aim is to build a European cooperation framework where Atlantic Wall sites, memorial sites, museums and institutions can share ideas, find guidance and connect with other partners. The network is open to all Atlantic Wall sites and interested organisations. AWE started in 2018 and ends in June 2021. The project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Mission & vision

AWE’s mission is making present and future European generations aware of the significance of the Atlantic Wall heritage for present-day issues of war and peace, and of the importance of a united Europe, based on shared values, collective memory and mutual understanding.

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The main objective of AWE is to build a lasting European network of Atlantic Wall sites, memorial sites, museums and institutions. But AWE wants more to achieve.

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Partner-wise, the project unites some of the biggest organisations that work actively to keep the Atlantic Wall heritage alive. They are four, from three countries on the Atlantic coast. Six other, but smaller partners were from the beginning involved in the preparations for this project and all contribute in kind to the project activities.

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European Network Atlantikwall

Membership of the AWE network is open to all interested parties, whether from government organizations, NGO's or other organisations working within the field of Atlantic Wall sites.

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Project background

A group of organisations from different European countries concerned with the future of Atlantic Wall heritage met in the city of Caen in 2016. They gathered to discuss the opportunities of greater European collaboration with similar organisations across Europe on key policy issues.

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