About AWE

Atlantikwall Europe (AWE) is the European cooperation framework where Atlantic Wall sites, academic institutions, memorial sites and museums can share ideas, find guidance and connect with partners in Europe and the world in ethical, sustainable and continuous cooperation in order to establish the to-day relevance of the German constructions on the Atlantic coast and its connected D-Day and other liberation heritage.

As the foremost representative of the common interests of Atlantic Wall sites and its linked organizations, Atlantikwall Europe strives to support research on the Atlantic Wall and to help to safeguard Atlantic Wall sites. Through these actions, the project wants to work with these sites to disseminate to present and future European generations, better knowledge about present-day issues and war and peace in our day.

Atlantikwall Europe is a partnership of cultural heritage organisations in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, and the Channel Islands. Its aim is the linking of museums and places of remembrance, preserving for, and implicating future generations in the common European heritage of the Atlantic Wall and showing its significance for Europe’s common future. Atlantikwall Europe seeks to enhance diversity and dialogue through access to this heritage, and to foster a sense of identity, collective memory and mutual understanding between European citizens.

Mission & vision

The Atlantikwall Europe (AWE) project strives for the first time in European post-war history, to link museums, places of remembrance and all interested parties, preserving memory and implicating future generations, especially the young, in the common European heritage of the World War II Atlantic Wall in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia and the United Kingdom (Channel Islands), showing to all generations its significance for Europe’s future.

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The purpose of the Atlantikwall Europe isto exchange, share towards new audiences and disseminate knowledge and information, especially through existing and new digital channels, contributing to the understanding of all aspects of the Atlantikwall. In this way the project strives to enhance its cultural, heritage, historical, economic and even tourist potential, through emphasis on the educational aspect of the link between walls and peace

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Partner-wise, the project unites some of the biggest organisations that work actively to keep this heritage alive. They are four, from three countries on the Atlantic coast. Six other, but smaller partners were from the beginning involved in the preparations for this project and all contribute in kind to the project actions.

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European Network Atlantikwall

Membership of the AWE network is open to all interested parties, whether from government organizations, NGOs or other organizations working within the field Atlantic Wall sites.

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Project background

A group of organisations from different European countries concerned with the future of Atlantic Wall heritage met in the city of Caen in 2016 to discuss the opportunities of greater European collaboration with similar organizations across Europe on key policy issues.

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